Animal Liberation is Human Liberation

Welcome to Peace to All Beings. Until we liberate animals from human exploitation and violence, we cannot expect to have true freedom and peace for ourselves. We human beings can awaken to our higher consciousness and embrace a new paradigm of living in harmony, rather than in fear and domination. We can become "Homo Ahimsa," my term for a new nonviolent and kind human, but we must make that choice together. There is hope for our species--hope that we will not continue this war against animals and the earth. Together let us co-create a new culture and heal the wounds humanity has caused to the earth, to each other, and to the animals who share this world with us.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Updates on the New Book, Homo Ahimsa

Love this meme created by Hope Bohanec who 

has a wonderful "Hope for the Animals" podcast

Please click above on the videos and podcasts tab to hear more about who we Really are--Homo Ahimsa, as we work to create a vegan world and learn to live by our highest values of love and compassion. Please share these.  Everything we do to get the vegan truth and the animal liberation vision out to everyone makes a difference Also several comments have been posted on Amazon by readers.  

One reader, Susan, was not able to get it posted there and asked me to post it here instead.  So here goes.

From Susan: "This book delivers an urgent and important message. It calls for us to evolve through loving kindness and higher consciousness in order to heal and save our planet, and live in harmony with ALL fellow beings.  A poignant and significant step in reaching this higher state of being, is addressing the issue of abuse and exploitation of fellow beings, especially our animal kin, as they constitute the overwhelmingly largest number of victims on this planet.  This is undoubtedly necessary if we want to usher in the world of peace and true liberation.  As always, J M Carman writes with effortless eloquence and authenticity that easily engages the reader.  I highly recommend this book."  Thank you, Susan.  

A couple that have been posted on Amazon: 

From a lovely but unnamed purchaser: "If you want to make this world a better place, you must read this book. Whether you are vegan or not, this book will have a positive effect on you. I really liked the book."

From Michael Vegan Lanfield: "I am deeply grateful to have read Homo Ahimsa. Even though we humans are causing immense suffering and violence on Earth, Judy’s book inspires us to foresee a positive future; that as a species, we can actually achieve world peace and live in harmony with all life. The horrors we inflict on other sentient beings, to the environment, and other human beings bring me to tears. Still, it also gives me hope and a reason for living, that humanity can

indeed awaken to our natural compassion. It also propels me to do more to share nonviolent veganism with many more people. Homo Ahimsa is truly The Book About Who We Really Are and How We’re Going to Save the World. Excellent, highly recommended."

Please do post comments if you like Homo Ahimsa, and let me know about your own Homo Ahimsa experiences.