Animal Liberation is Human Liberation

Welcome to Peace to All Beings. Until we liberate animals from human exploitation and violence, we cannot expect to have true freedom and peace for ourselves. We human beings can awaken to our higher consciousness and embrace a new paradigm of living in harmony, rather than in fear and domination. We can become "Homo Ahimsa," my term for a new nonviolent and kind human, but we must make that choice together. There is hope for our species--hope that we will not continue this war against animals and the earth. Together let us co-create a new culture and heal the wounds humanity has caused to the earth, to each other, and to the animals who share this world with us.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Vegan Divide: Coming Back Together


The Vegan Divide: Coming Back Together

for the Animals and a Vegan World


We’ve all noticed it—the growing divide in our beloved vegan community that has taken its toll since March of 2020. This has been a source of anguish for many of us, and so I wanted to share my thoughts on how we can and must build a bridge. The animals need us all; nature needs us all; and, yes, people too, as we know that everything is connected. These are extremely critical times, moreso than any of us have every witnessed in our lives, including the elders among us.  Of course, I’m talking about the layers of covid and politics that have been added on to the already excruciatingly dire conditions for life on earth that called us to action long before covid.

First, let’s look at what most, if not all, of us agree is true. 

  1. ·        We are activists and we want to do what we can to create a nonviolent, vegan world. 
  2. ·        This requires nonviolent noncooperation and noncompliance. We do not comply with any entity that demands that we eat or harm animals. As a result of our noncompliance, among other things, we increase our chances of having strong immune systems (if we eat a healthy plant-based diet).  And we understand that viruses, in general, actually inhabit us and help us stay healthy.
  3. ·        We became activists, because we questioned authorities—the people and companies with a lot of power.  We could see that Big Pharma, Big Ag, the Banking system, the War machine, Big Tech and Big Government had brought the earth to the brink and caused the suffering and deaths of trillions of animals on land and in the waters.  And we want to do what we can to end their domination and terror by teaching the truth and creating a different way to live in partnership and with compassion for all.
  4. ·        As authority questioners, we vegans reveal the lies, the “humane and green washing,” the uselessness of animal experimentation for human health, the pollution and destruction that feeds enormous profits, and, most of all, the immoral violence they inflict on our animal cousins, nature and people.
  5. ·        We need each others’ support in all our activities as we work to unveil the lies and violent domination of all life.
  6. ·        We work together in direct action, rescues, tablings, video screenings and a thousand other ways to help pre-vegans see how their actions are not aligned with their own desire to be kind and, then, to help them learn how to live vegan and join the movement to create a world of peace for all.
  7. ·        We speak the truth about the horrors that Homo Sapiens has inflicted on our beautiful earth home and all who live here. It is to the advantage of these powerful companies, governments and people to keep the violence hidden. We reveal their secrets.
  8. ·        We believe in putting ourselves at risk in order to comfort and liberate our animal cousins.  We let them know that we are here for them, and we will not stop until they are free.
  9. ·        We believe in the absolute necessity to protect our right to assemble for protests and education and our right to free speech. In the U.S. and other countries, these and many other freedoms are guaranteed by law but are being threatened by those who need to silence us. In order to free the animals, we must be free ourselves.
  10. ·        We believe that animals have the right to bodily integrity and autonomy, to not have their bodies violated by human beings. Likewise, we have those rights, including the right to “informed consent.”
  11. ·        We are very familiar with double-speak, phrases that are used to cover up the truth, such as “humane slaughter.”  We find many of our terms co-0pted in advertisements, news articles, social media, books and magazines as veganism has become more popular. 
  12. ·        In addition to co-opting our language, techniques are used to divide and conquer, causing divisions among us to distract us from our mission. Co-opting members and groups within ours and other social justice movements is also practiced. Once an animal rights group has been infiltrated and assimilated into a larger group with a violent agenda, their identity is lost, along with their effectiveness and the clarity of their message.
  13. ·        The elites in power pass many laws, such as the ag-gag laws, to attempt to prevent us from shining a light on their dark deeds.
  14. ·        We practice nonviolence and respect for all life, and on a spiritual level, we understand that we are all interconnected and that our Golden Rule ideal calls on us to love one another.  Nevertheless, when some entity causes violence and harm to another, we feel compelled to defend those being harmed.
  15. ·        We understand that being an activist can be frightening sometimes, but we do it anyway for the sake of those who cannot defend themselves.    

You can all, I’m sure, think of many more items upon which we agree.

But we find ourselves at this critical time disagreeing with each other over the covid issue and the current politics. And that calls us all to look deeply at what is happening.  As in #12, one of the goals that the elites have is to divide us and silence us. Regardless of where we stand on covid and politics, we cannot deny that our animal liberation movement is suffering life threatening blows. We cannot let this happen. We have come so far.   

Evelyn Beatrice Hall in 1906 said, (although this is sometimes attributed to Voltaire) “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Vegans are questioners. We don’t accept what the elite politicians and billionaires want us to believe, because we know their intentions are not for the good of humanity or of animals or of nature. That being said, with all the confusing messaging around covid, our questions range widely, and many of us have arrived at very different interpretations of what is going on. 

On one end of our vegan continuum, many people are isolating at home and have been since spring. On the other end, there are those who believe the entire narrative promoted by the mainstream media is false. Many fall in between those two ends of the continuum, with varying understandings of this strange time in our history. The mainstream media seems to have devolved into news that is filled with opinions rather than investigative, unbiased reporting.  Social media giants are deciding for us what information we can see by censoring videos and content we try to share. A look at the CDC website and the reports of thousands of doctors reveals many contradictions of what mainstream media is saying. For example, the CDC itself reports that deaths in 2020 are about the same as they have been the last several years. And we must remember that the news reports that people see on television are owned and run by fantastically powerful corporations and heavily influenced by their advertisers, Big Pharma being foremost among them. 

We have never trusted these giants before. We have questioned them on all fronts in order to bring to light the destruction they have wrought upon the world. We must continue to question them now. Several very troubling situations have developed for our vegan movement as a result of this covidian dilemma. And not just for us but for all social justice groups. One critical element is that nearly all our VegFests have been cancelled, not just for the first month as we were told, but for the entire year. The number of VegFests was climbing every year and being attended by millions.  All other gatherings, such as the annual Animal Rights conference, and numerous other major events that we have all depended on for decades, were cancelled.

In addition to eliminating our in-person gatherings where we are able to reach many pre-vegans with the truth, those in power have also been able to divide us as a movement.  We can’t let that happen. The animals are depending on us to free them. We have lost many of our own freedoms which has seriously impacted our ability to free them, as well as to stop the descent into mass extinction and the continued brutality toward the world at large.

We have some of the most courageous people on earth in our midst—people who get undercover footage of animal cruelty, those who rescue animals in dangerous conditions, those who have been killed protesting for the innocents, and all of you. You have spoken truth to power in the face of rejection by your friends and family. You have committed to living vegan in a world that has not yet seen the truth that you see. 

This is both a physical and a spiritual battle to bring the world out of darkness into the light, to leave behind Homo Sapiens and become Homo Ahimsa (Ahimsa, meaning non-harm in Sanskrit) in order to create a world of peace for all beings.  We need each other now more than ever. I implore all of us, regardless of where we stand on the covid issue, please listen to each other. The unfriending and violent speech toward one another has to stop.  We do not have the privilege or the time to be ridiculing each other when so much is at stake. We have to show the people in power that they cannot divide us or shake us from our mission.

There is much more going on now than a pandemic. For thousands of years, animals have been in lockdown and have had no autonomy or freedom to give informed consent (think mandatory vaccines against people). Please, let us listen to each other. We can agree to disagree and still maintain our unity. We need to respect those who want to protect their loved ones from illness. We need to respect their compassion for other human beings. We also need to respect those who are diligently studying the possibility that this is much bigger than it appears. If we are correct, and there are millions of us, we will all have to stand together to make sure we do not lose our freedoms. We cannot allow the power elite to divide us, not now, not ever. We can respect each others’ differences and still work together. This is no time for discord, insulting each other, or refusing to have each others’ backs. The world as we have known it is changing rapidly. None of us are perfect, but we know that we must create a vegan, nonviolent world, and we have to do it soon. This is our chance to subvert the dominant paradigm, end the manipulation and violence of the power elite and bring peace and love to the world finally.

The liberation of our animal cousins depends on us to take back our freedom of speech, our freedom of assembly, our rights to informed consent and our ability to refuse the nonvegan vaccination. The animals are waiting and watching.  We can’t let them down.

If you feel strongly that you must isolate, wear masks and take the vaccine, that is absolutely your right. And I know most of you are bravely doing all you can to create new ways online to speak for the animals. But please consider that those of us who are looking at what we believe is the larger agenda have exactly the same goal as you do—to create a vegan world of peace for all beings. If we are wrong, and everything goes back quickly to the way it was before last March, that would be fantastic. We can get back to our in-person animal liberation work right away, support each other as we have in the past and get on with freeing the animals. But, if we are correct that our freedoms are being taken away, we will need to support each other on that front as well.

I finished my new book, Homo Ahimsa: Who we Really are and how we’re going to save the world, before covid. In that book, I felt such an urgency to get our message out. In spite of all the progress we had made in educating people about the plight of animals and making “vegan” a household word, the destruction of nature and animals was escalating to an extreme degree. I wanted to show how, by living by the vegan values of ahimsa, human beings could completely change the trajectory from destruction to restoration and healing.  I believe we can reveal ourselves as Homo Ahimsa—a being who can create an entirely new way of living on the planet in compassionate harmony with all liberated life.

So I finished the book, and then, almost overnight, our challenges to revealing our true Homo Ahimsa nature, multiplied in so many strange and unexpected ways. As if slaughterhouses, pollution, rainforest burning, etc. were not enough—suddenly we also had to cope with and grasp the lockdowns and all that meant for our activism and the liberation of the animals and of our own inner Homo Ahimsa. The narrative we are hearing daily is very fear-producing, but fear interferes with sound judgement. Regardless of where we stand on the spectrum of understanding what is happening now, we have to hold on to our precious vision, refuse to be fearful and do everything we can to support freedom and nonviolence for all beings, including us.

We must come back together in whatever way we can. In spite of our differences, we are each speaking what is true for us now at this confusing time. If we are to succeed in creating a vegan world and living as Homo Ahimsa we have to hang on tight to our common vision and mutual respect. May the light of ahimsa love guide us all.

Judy McCoy Carman, M.A.





Saturday, December 5, 2020

Updates on the New Book, Homo Ahimsa

Love this meme created by Hope Bohanec who 

has a wonderful "Hope for the Animals" podcast

Please click above on the videos and podcasts tab to hear more about who we Really are--Homo Ahimsa, as we work to create a vegan world and learn to live by our highest values of love and compassion. Please share these.  Everything we do to get the vegan truth and the animal liberation vision out to everyone makes a difference Also several comments have been posted on Amazon by readers.  

One reader, Susan, was not able to get it posted there and asked me to post it here instead.  So here goes.

From Susan: "This book delivers an urgent and important message. It calls for us to evolve through loving kindness and higher consciousness in order to heal and save our planet, and live in harmony with ALL fellow beings.  A poignant and significant step in reaching this higher state of being, is addressing the issue of abuse and exploitation of fellow beings, especially our animal kin, as they constitute the overwhelmingly largest number of victims on this planet.  This is undoubtedly necessary if we want to usher in the world of peace and true liberation.  As always, J M Carman writes with effortless eloquence and authenticity that easily engages the reader.  I highly recommend this book."  Thank you, Susan.  

A couple that have been posted on Amazon: 

From a lovely but unnamed purchaser: "If you want to make this world a better place, you must read this book. Whether you are vegan or not, this book will have a positive effect on you. I really liked the book."

From Michael Vegan Lanfield: "I am deeply grateful to have read Homo Ahimsa. Even though we humans are causing immense suffering and violence on Earth, Judy’s book inspires us to foresee a positive future; that as a species, we can actually achieve world peace and live in harmony with all life. The horrors we inflict on other sentient beings, to the environment, and other human beings bring me to tears. Still, it also gives me hope and a reason for living, that humanity can

indeed awaken to our natural compassion. It also propels me to do more to share nonviolent veganism with many more people. Homo Ahimsa is truly The Book About Who We Really Are and How We’re Going to Save the World. Excellent, highly recommended."

Please do post comments if you like Homo Ahimsa, and let me know about your own Homo Ahimsa experiences.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Homo Ahimsa: Who We Really Are and How We’re Going to Save the World is here

Homo Ahimsa: Who We Really Are and How We’re Going to Save the World is here

These are troubled times. Everything we do now matters. But our dreams of peace on earth are closer than they have ever been. Right now we are immersed in the sixth extinction, environmental destruction, pandemics, corruption and relentless violence against animals, nature, and people. These ecological, spiritual and social justice crises were not caused by alligators or bears or dogs. It was Homo Sapiens alone.

We are being called to save the world from our old selves. It is time, and yes, there is still time. Governments and mega-corporations cannot stop the madness, because they are not powered by love. But we are, and we can. We have a chance right now to discover and Be who we Really are--Homo Ahimsa, the kind, nonviolent creatures that we were always meant to be. Ahimsa, in Sanskrit, literally means non-harm. More broadly, it means non-killing, lovingkindness, and reverence for all life.

We are, within our true hearts, compassionate and loving partners with each other and all life. While the world’s life support systems are in free-fall, we are heading for a massive paradigm shift in human consciousness that can bring us out of these dark times and into a new way of living that works for all. This time of chaos, uncertainty and fear is our window of opportunity. Together we can cocreate the loving and liberated world of peace and partnership with all life and end domination and violence. We can start today to heal the damage Homo Sapiens has done. May this book, Homo Ahimsa, be your companion guide on this important, exciting and sacred journey.


“Homo Ahimsa has the potential to have the kind of transformative impact that Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and Frances Moore Lappe’s Diet For a Small Planet had. I very strongly recommend it.” Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D., author of Judaism and Global Survival.

“Homo Ahimsa, is a guide toward the road affirming life; it extends the holy messages of different traditions with the force and enlightenment of a New New Testament, of a deeply informed New Scripture: it is that important! It is must reading for anyone interested in human enlightenment and survival.” Lee Slonimsky, Poet and Manager of the Animal Rights hedge fund. 

"Carman's luminous book opened my heart again to believe that, given the extreme moment in which we find ourselves, humans' path to becoming Homo Ahimsa could actually happen.” Kate Lawrence, author of The Practical Peacemaker and Denver Vegans Organizer 


Judy McCoy Carman, M.A., earth, peace, and animal activist, is the author of Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul and co-author of The Missing Peace. In addition to animal rescue work, some current projects include Vegan Spirituality interviews, co-founding the Animal Peace Prayer Flag Project, Animal Outreach of Kansas, Circle of Compassion, Prayer Circle for Animals and Interfaith Vegan Coalition. She is on the board of Shy38 Animal Sanctuary, appears in the film, “A Prayer for Compassion,” and received the Henry Spira Grassroots Animal Activist Award in 2014. Her website is

Thursday, December 5, 2019



Lisa Levinson, Jane Velez-Mitchell of Jane Unchained, and I attended The World Education Summit in Las Vegas November 22 and 23rd.  We hosted an In Defense of Animals information table loaded with vegan starter kits, books, prayer flags, Vegan World 2026 information, Go Vegan IDA pins, t-shirts and mugs, along with brochures about Vegan Spirituality, Circle of Compassion, the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, and other important information. We also handed out Sailesh Rao’s “White Paper” on the devastating effects of animal agriculture.

Most spectacularly, we also set up the beautiful traveling museum exhibit, curated by Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, titled “Animals and World Religions.”  This is the same exhibit that we took to the Parliament of World Religions event in Toronto last year. 

The morning was filled with talks by the founder of InterEdx Center for Advanced Research on Energy and Sustainability (ICARES), Dr. Lee Dedicatoria; James Campbell, motivational speaker and founder of Divine Intervention helping at risk youth; Romel Pascual, Executive Director of CicLAVia and former Deputy Mayor for Energy and Environment for Los Angeles,; Robert Pauley, inventor of a smart recycling bin that pays kids to recycle; Pablito Villegas, an international consultant on sustainability and manager of organic demonstration farms in the Philippines; and several other brilliant and influential environmentalists.     

The morning talks addressed many crucial aspects of sustainability and healing ourselves and the earth. But the devastating impact of animal agriculture that increases human hunger and disease, wildlife extinction, pollution and unbearable suffering for farmed animals was discussed more in the afternoon talks. As important as they are, biking, recycling, shorter showers, eco-tourism, etc. will not, by themselves, reverse the devastation caused by humanity if we do not eliminate animal agriculture and transition to vegan values.  Jane got that essential conversation started in a big way with her talk “The Biggest Climate Threat that Everyone is Afraid to Discuss.”   She showed her film “Countdown to Year Zero,” in which she and Dr. Sailesh Rao make it very clear that we have to end animal agriculture and rewild the earth if there is to be any hope for earth’s creatures, including us.  Jane hosted Q & A following the film and helped a lot of pre-vegans make the connection. One woman in the audience was particularly disturbed by the information and claimed that God wanted us to dominate and eat animals.  Jane handled the situation with grace and respect for the woman who, after all, had the courage to speak her mind. 

Lisa Levinson, co-founder with me of the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, then spoke on “Vegan Spirituality and Earth Caretaking.” She was beautifully able to weave together some of the graphs and information from Climate, along with the moral, spiritual, and ethical aspects of creating a vegan world in which all beings can thrive.

Saturday evening we were treated to a most amazing Eco-Fashion show featuring a well known Philippino designer, who specializes in using materials that are sustainable, such as coconut husks, bamboo, tree nuts and other sources of fabric and decorations.  Unfortunately, he uses feathers, but Lisa did point out to him that feathers come at a terrible cost to the birds.  So hopefully, a seed was planted there. 

It was a seed planting venture for us all, and we are thrilled and grateful that we had this opportunity to speak to these influential people who have many followers of their own.  Several told us directly that they are now going to go plant-based, and we will be following up with this group so that veganism, the beautiful key to healing the world, shines bright in their future work. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Please click here to check out and register for this upcoming online event.  I am one of the speakers and humbled to be among so many visionary vegan women who have done so much to create a vegan world of peace for all beings. 
Vegan Blessings to you all, Judy 

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Interfaith Vegan Coalition Shares Joyous News at the Unity People's Convention

The Interfaith Vegan Coalition (IVC) spoke up for the animals of the world at the Unity People’s Convention in Overland Park, Kansas, from June 17 to the 21st.   Thanks to vegan minister Reverend Carol Saunders (check our her beautiful "Unity for All" banner behind the table), we were not only able to have an information table at the Convention, but also to show Thomas Jackson’s new film, “A Prayer for Compassion,” on the evening of the 18th.  The attendees of this annual convention include Unity ministers and teachers as well as lay people who love Unity and its principles.  Interestingly, Unity’s founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, considered abstaining from animal flesh a key to one’s spiritual growth as well as to world peace.  Yet that part of their teachings has been ignored for many years.  IVC was there to invite these spiritual leaders to embrace the absolute necessity of bringing this teaching of truth back into Unity.  Imagine how quickly veganism would grow within Unity if the ministers would see and teach the true teachings of the Fillmores which made it clear that our own inner peace, peace for the animals and world peace can only be obtained when we stop our violence toward animals.

Our table was a busy gathering place.  We had books and prayer flags from Will Tuttle, Gracia Fay Ellwood, Sailesh Rao, Victoria Moran, and Judy Carman to sell, beautiful shirts designed by Carol for sale,  and many free brochures and flyers.  Reverend Saunders sold a good number of her new “The Forgotten Teachings of Charles Fillmore: How our relationship with animals connects to Universal Love—Ethical Living—Spiritual Development—World Peace.”  We met a surprising number of vegan and vegetarian ministers and teachers.  We talked in depth with them about how to be respectful and inclusive of vegan church members and how to address the issues of violence toward animals in their sermons.  We had a special brochure for the vegetarians who visited the table titled “Are you vegetarian for spiritual reasons?” to help them take the next steps to veganism as a full and joyful spiritual path which helps us become completely aligned with our love for all beings and our desire to do no harm.

We will be following up with many of the Unity folks who visited us.  Many will be added to our lists of Vegan ministers and Vegan Friendly Churches at  We could not have done this without the wonderful help of Thomas Jackson who came with his adorable daughter, Melody, all the way from Florida to field questions after the two film showings.  (The second showing to a full house was at Unity on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO.)  Victoria Moran flew in from New York and helped immeasurably with many aspects of this event and was also on hand for Q and A after the films.  Dianne Waltner and Damaris Hubbell drove all the way from Wichita, KS, to table, film, and encourage the visitors to our table to embrace the beautiful Fillmore teachings.  They have organized a showing of “A Prayer for Compassion” in Wichita on July 28, 2019.  
Carol, Damaris, and Dianne--sharing the beautiful truth

IVC is not stopping here, of course.  We are on a Divine Mission to “wake the sleeping giant of religion.”  An estimated 80% of the world’s people believe in God.  And most see the Golden Rule as the ideal for which we all are striving.  If we can get enough faith leaders to help their members connect the dots and see that in order to align our highest values with our daily actions, we must live vegan and help to create a vegan world.    

Tuesday, November 13, 2018





Thanks to the hard work and donations of many people, In Defense of Animals’ Interfaith Vegan Coalition, co-founded by Lisa Levinson and Judy Carman, had a well-received presence at the 2018 Parliament of World Religions.  The theme of the Parliament was “The power of love and the promise of inclusion.”  Eight thousand people from around the world attended this historic event.  Plenaries, talks, and panels went on all day and into the evenings from November 1 to the 7th in Toronto, Canada.  We felt it was essential for the animals and the vegan message to be represented there and to reach as many people as we could. 

We reached out and spoke out for a Vegan World in six ways: The Interfaith Vegan Coalition (IVC), Good Dot, and Vegan World 2026 booth; networking with attendees; a vegan banquet for the Charter for Compassion; several vegan talks and panels; two showings of the Thomas Jackson’s new film, “A Prayer for Compassion; and a traveling art exhibit entitled “Animals and World Religions,” curated by Dr. Lisa Kemmerer. 

The Booth: IVC shared a 20 x 20 foot booth with Abhishek Sinha and Deepak Parihar, co-founders of Good Dot (; with Dr. Sailesh Rao’s Climate Healers’ Vegan World 2026; and with Dr. Lisa Kemmerer’s brand new traveling museum exhibit, “Animals and World Religions.”   Good Dot offered samples of their plant-based meats to their visitors on one side of the booth. Good Dot’s mission is “to bring high quality, affordable plant-based meat substitutes all over the world.  We want to save lives, both human and animal, by providing tasty, healthy and environment friendly alternatives to meat.” 

On the other side of the booth, IVC displayed our Vegan Advocacy Kits for various religions (accessible online at and shared handouts from coalition members such as Vegan Spirituality, Circle of Compassion, Vegetarian Friends, and Christian Vegetarian Association.  We also had recipes from Madeleine Tuttle and others, several books and prayer flags to sell, invitations to the film screenings of “A Prayer for Compassion,” etc.  Along each side of the booth, Lisa Kemmerer’s “Animals and World Religions” panels were displayed.  Sailesh Rao’s Climate Healers’ Vegan World 2026 banner and science-based poster brought attention to the urgency we are facing.  By the year 2026, if we do nothing to change the current trajectory of extinction, all wild vertebrates will become extinct.  We must create a vegan world soon in order to eliminate animal agriculture, the leading cause of extinction and so many other world crises.  The dialogues with visitors to the booth went on steadily throughout each day.  We were so encouraged by the many vegans who visited as well as those who were not vegan, but who were very open and interested in the spiritual, environmental, health, and animal connections.
 The Interfaith Vegan Coalition side of the booth.  The panels on the sides
are the Animals and World Religions traveling art exhibit.
 The Good Dot display on the other side of the booth.  Delicious samples
were offered to booth visitors.  People loved them all.  
 Lots of interest, many great discussions, new hope for the animals.

Networking: Some of the religions represented at the Parliament indicated a definite leaning toward veganism as part of their spiritual work.  Among them were the Tzu Chi Buddhists (, Aumism (; and Caodaism ( Zoroastrians are asked to be vegetarian one month out of each year; The Sufi Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship recommends vegetarianism.  The Urantia Foundation members are approximately half vegetarian or vegan.  Many in the Share International group ( are veg, and they serve vegetarian food at events.  The founder of World Clergy ( is vegan.  We met several animal ministers.  Of course, many of the Jains, Hindus, and Sikhs were veg or vegan.  At the Hindu American Foundation ( one third of the meals served are vegan. The Brahma Kumaris group includes a growing minority of vegans.  The Ontario Sikhs and the Sikh Gurdwara Council served a free vegan lunch (although the desserts were not vegan) to thousands of people every day.  The people in the world who have aligned veganism with their spiritual values is increasing exponentially.  It was very encouraging.  
                 The loving, generous Sikhs serving thousands of people vegan lunches every day.

The Charter for Compassion Vegan Banquet: The organizers of this banquet for 300 people were very open to IVC’s suggestion to make the banquet vegan.  Good Dot provided much of the food, and Chef Sandra Sellani, The 40 Year Old Vegan cookbook author, supplied the recipes and helped the chefs with preparation.  The end result was truly delicious.  The Banquet took place on November 2 and featured awards, speakers, and music.  Although we were not able to offer a meal blessing orally, we were given permission to write a vegan meal blessing.  This was printed on beautiful cards and placed at each attendee’s place setting.  Abhishek was also given the opportunity to speak about the Good Dot food and why the vegan meal was in perfect alignment with the high aspirations of compassion.  IVC plans to follow up with the Charter, as well as its partner, the Golden Rule Project, to create more vegan meals at their future events.  
This is the Vegan Meal Blessing that was placed at each person's place setting at the Charter for Compassion Banquet.  Many seeds of lovingkindness for animals were planted at the Banquet and all through the week.  May they bear beautiful fruit and bring a final end to the killing, domination, ownership, and exploitation of our animal cousins.  

Vegan Talks and Panels: Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, author of Animals and World Religions, gave a talk on “Integrated Justice,” showing how nonviolence to animals is critical to justice for all.  She also was on the ”Justice for Just Us?” panel, along with Candace Laughinghouse, Charlotte Cressey, and Dr. Alka Arora.  Rabbi David Rosen also gave a talk on veganism, as did Dr. Neal Barnard of Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine.  There may have been more vegan talks of which we were not aware, as there were many hundreds of talks and panels.  At the closing plenary, Swami Chidanand Saraswati stated that he believed the next Parliament should be totally vegan.

Two Showings of Thomas Jackson’s new film, “A Prayer for Compassion”:  Dr. Sailesh Rao, producer of the film, hosted two showings during the Parliament, bringing more vegan enlightenment to all attendees. Thomas interviewed many spiritual leaders who are vegan to show how veganism is in perfect alignment with one’s highest spiritual ideals. Please go here to see the trailer and share it.    

The traveling art exhibit entitled “Animals and World Religions,” curated by Dr. Lisa Kemmerer and Carolyn Mullin:  Each beautiful panel represented various world religions and included statements made by some of their leaders that align the values of those faiths to veganism. Contact Carolyn Mullin at to display this traveling exhibit at your local organization, University, or place of worship. The exhibit will have an online component soon.  

Heartfelt thanks to the many folks who helped make this happen: Abhishek Sinha, Deepak Parihar, Frank Lane, Dr. Sailesh Rao, Carolyn Mullin, Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, Marilyn Turkovich, Sandra Sellani, Thomas Jackson, Ray Kowalchuk, Steve Kaufman, Reverend Carol Saunders, April Willson, Raquel Fronte, Charlotte Cressey, Dr. Alka Arora, Candace Laughinghouse, Dr. Neal Barnard, Rabbi David Rosen, Beth Redwood, In Defense of Animals, and many more.